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In recent years the art of turntablism has spun off in myriad directions, with new techniques such as video scratching and instant sample creation. Few artists have been further to the fore of these fresh developments than Brighton’s JFB, a scratch DJ and party starter who won the UK DMC Championship in 2007.

Many of the tunes you’ll hear JFB spin will be his own recordings on labels like Sludge, Hospital or One Eye Records. This is an artist who’s fully immersed in bass culture, and just as happy spinning hip-hop or jungle as he is breakbeat and dubstep.

JFB will be coming to Eastern Europe’s best club (#28 în DJ Mag’s yearly 2010 Top 100 World Chart) at Club Midi în Cluj-Napoca, Romania this Saturday and we exchanged emails to find out a little more about him.

RiCo for CZB: What does JFB stand for?

JFB: It changes every so often at the moment it stands for … ‘Jammy Fucking Basterd’

CZB: You hooked up with Fatboy Slim. Have you listened to his older stuff with The Housemartins and do you think you might someday change genres overnight, like he did?

JFB: Thought he always done different genres.. I like to do.. Drum&bass, Dubstep, Hiphop, Glitchop, DrumStep, Breaks but when doing ‘Battlejam’ with ‘Beardyman’ we tend to change genres every few minutes from gabba to Romanian Folk music.

CZB: You met Beardyman at a DJ competition in 2005. How did you get together with Ed Solo?

JFB: Ed was our postman, then we discovered that he made ridiculous bass lines & the tunes to go with them.

CZB: Who got you started with video scratching? How long did it take to feel at ease with doing this stuff, or is it all about improvising?

JFB: I think my hands got me started, was inspired from watching DJ Yoda .. Its like riding a bike & its all about improvising stuff thats been 100% planed.

CZB: How many hours do you spend each day practicing what you do?

JFB: Approximately 25 hours a day.

CZB: It seems you are invited quite often to Romania – how would you compare the club crowds here to those more familiar to you in the UK?

JFB: Romanians smell of paprika whilst the English smell of fish & chips.

CZB: How do you see music technology developing into the next decade – will it be mostly about upgraded versions – and in what sense do you consider you are expanding music boundaries?

JFB: Giant Robots with DJ booths attached to the head and brain neural interfaces for making tunes with your mind whilst looking at 3D projections anywhere from your i-phone.. everything will be upgraded… I will try and expand things or make them smaller.

CZB: How much time do you have to listen to new music and what is an up-and-coming act you’d tell people to discover and listen to right now?

JFB: 26 hours a day, 8 days a week & an up and coming act I would recommend is DJ Marwan.



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