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Freq Nasty (also spelled as FreQ Nasty) is a glitch hop, breakbeat, dub, and electronica producer.

Born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand, breakbeat pioneer FreQ Nasty is widely-acknowledged by critics for consistently breaking boundaries with his music. Forward thinking and progressive, his move to London and immersion in its developing scenes in the 80’s resulted in his becoming a nu-skool breaks pioneer.

He is well-known for Fatboy Slim, Kelis and KRS-One remixes.

Freq is also well-known in the music scene for his social activism, having launched in early 2008. is a socially-conscious site featuring music campaigns, whereby musicians donate music in support of non-profit “action campaigns”. The first campaign supported the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement.


CZB: Darin McFadyen, aka FreQ Nasty. How did you come up with this nickname? How Nasty can you get?

FreQ Nasty: I used to be into 50’s and 60’s sci fi comics and I wanted a name that sounded like one of those mad characters with crazy powers – so FreQ Nasty was born. He has special powers of low-end bowel disruption that are used only for the forces of good but still he’s a much misunderstood character due to his tendency to regularly unleash mind scrambling bass on unsuspecting audiences across the universe.

CZB: You’re a FreQ Flyer over the Atlantic. Are charter flights an adrenaline rush or a necessary chapter in the Biz for you?

FreQ Nasty: Its like getting on a bus these days, so easy and everyday, but I try not to take the miracle of flight for granted. Only 100 years ago it would have seemed like we would be in some future paradise world if we could fly anywhere in the world any time we wanted, so I try to keep that in mind. Having said that, when I’m waiting in the departure lounge for a flight after being up all night at the gig, it can seem like drag knowing I gotta sit my weary ass in a seat for 13 hours. I’d answer differently on different days.

CZB: Do you ever take the time to sit and ponder about pacing yourself and raising young rebels in a family unit?

FreQ Nasty: Not so much. If they turned out anything like me I’d be in a whole heap of trouble. :)

CZB: If you had kids, would you like them to grow up in metropolitan New York, the London melting pot or the fresh ocean air of the Maori backlands?

FreQ Nasty: All of those places can be heaven or hell depending on how you see them. If there’s one thing I noticed in my travels around the globe over the years it’s that there is suffering and beauty everywhere, and sometimes two different people in the same place can be seeing the opposite thing. It’s all habituation of the mind. It’s more about what you teach kids as they grow that’s more important than where they are.

CZB: Could you name a couple of differences between doing DJ sets in New York and London?

FreQ Nasty: Yeah in London its much better :) …….joke. No both are great. The kids I play for in NYC often are the crew and they have similar sensibility. Lots of bass and not too much concern for genre, and they are hard into their tunes. In London you get the beauty of so many different scenes and they REALLY know their music, and they want it next level. Both places are on fire right now.

CZB: Have you thought of working with or doing remixes for Beck or Radiohead or do you consider their music too soft for your style?

FreQ Nasty: I have thought about it all the time – I wish they would too :) . I love both bands music.

CZB: Is this the first time you are making the trip to Romania? Do you plan to visit a special place here or are you on a tight schedule?

FreQ Nasty: It is my first time but I have heard the crowds are awesome and that they are well educated musically and the place is beautiful, so I am really looking forward to it.

CZB: You launched What kind of funds have you raised for Tibet and how do you know funding is used for the purposes it is sent for?

FreQ Nasty: I think the goal was $7,500 at the time and we raised more than that in the end I think. We vetted the organizations personally and also made them pledge to us that the money would be used for the specific purpose we raised it for – to help the monks marching on Tibet from India to raise awareness about the Chinese government’s attitude toward Tibet – and also that it wouldn’t be used to support violent protest.

CZB: Who can join in the cause? What kind of artists are you looking for to join this project?

FreQ Nasty: At the moment we are reworking the site and trying to fix some of the corners we cut in trying to get up and running in such a short space of time but very soon we are going to be launching version 2 of the site that will allow anyone to make their own campaigns to help causes they are passionate about.

CZB: What is the next campaign going to appeal for?

FreQ Nasty: As I said, the next step is to allow anyone to make their own campaign with the help of Giveback, so you choose!

CZB: Do you believe the G8 are to blame for the global problems we have or is it because of the lack of interest people living in the Western World have for environmental problems?

FreQ Nasty: We are all equally to blame for the problems we see in the world. Mostly we continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others and expect that a vote every 4 years will somehow absolve us of the responsibility to take action in our own lives to help others. As long as we rely on inefficient political systems to solve our problems for us then we will see these problems arise again and again. Many asian (and other non westerners) are equally unconcerned with what is happening in their world, and deal with it only because they are in the middle of the problem and can’t avoid it. Much of the 3rd world is just as keen to turn to consumer capitalism as we have been in the west, so to somehow think westerners are the problem is not really accurate.

We need to stop blaming politicians who have little power to make the changes we want to see and get off our butts and help the people we can in our own day to day world in whatever small way we can … and not buy so much bullshit we don’t need.

Just being content is the most radical action you can take in a consumerist world. That and reaching out beyond the buying frenzy that is Christmas and helping someone who needs it!

many thanks

FreQ Nasty



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