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CZB: If you hadn’t been called Beardyman would you have kept the beard?
Beardyman (B): the name beardyman refers to the fact that i love bearded ladies. . . i like the way a beard feels sticking out of a woman’s soft skin. . .

CZB: How has Monty Python’s Flying Circus influenced your sense of humor?

B): I love Monty Python. . . . does it show? haha. . All british humour has been influenced by Monty Python. . .

CZB: DO all the funny YouTube video ideas personally belong to you, or do you have some kind of brainstorming team you work with on sketches?

B): Everyone I meet becomes part of my brainstorming team. . . . I don’t pretend to have come up with all the ideas I execute. . .

CZB: Before you became a professional Beatboxer, what was your line of work?

B): I did lots of shit jobs, I cleaned toilets, I worked in call centres, I’d been fired from every place of work in Brighton, so had no other option really. . .

I just kept wearing the wrong shoes or turning up late. . . the real world isn’t for me. . . it has too many rules. . . I prefer blowing raspberries and making music with friends. . . . much more fun. . .

CZB: Do your parents approve of what you do?

B): They do, now that I’m earning a living and making a bit of a name for myself. . . . they’re proud. . they weren’t for a long time though. . . I’d often hear them telling me to get a proper job. . .

He’s a Rappers Delight
CZB: If you have a child, would you like to see him/her follow in your footsteps, or would you try to curb their appetite for showbusiness?

B): if I had a child I would lock it in a basement and feed it fish-heads. I would teach it to beatbox and make sure it was exactly like me in every respect. . . then I would beat it savagely and be arrested, then I would kill myself in prison, having realised what I’d done. . .

no . . . . I found a way out of the drudgery of life. . . few get to do that. . I’d say follow your dream and lesbians will follow you wherever you go.

CZB: What was it like being invited to play at YouTube Headquarters in San Francisco?

B): It was fucking weird. I met Tay Zonday, the “chocolate rain” guy. . . who was fucking weird. . . then went on the largest ever simulcast web event in history. . .weird. . . but quite cool. An honour, to be fair.

CZB: What was it like to perform at Roskilde 2008?

B): Roskilde is an amazing fesitival, it was heavy. . . every one in Denmark speaks such good English. I loved it. It felt good to play to a crowd of hip hop heads in a hip hop tent and smash it with an eclectic set.

CZB: DO YOU prefer playing to large crowded (clubs or festivals) or smaller private parties.

B): The size of the crowd doesn’t matter, so long as the vibe is good and the people involved are cool I always enjoy it. . . Every gig and every crowd is different. I enjoy the challenge of tailoring the set to the crowd. . .

CZB: What do you consider are the best media channels for promoting your performance skills?

B): YouTube, podcasts, internet basically. . . I need to do more than I’m doing though. . . .

CZB: I see promoting BEARDYMAN mp3 singles. DO you already have or do you plan to compile a DVD, or do you find this meaningless for today’s internet society?

B): I may be releasing a DVD soon. . . . but we’re still working through the technicalities of licensing. Internet distribution is perfect for promotion and raising awareness of what you do.

CZB: Do you see yourself retiring from this line of work?

B): I’ll never retire. I’ll change what I do, what I do now is different from what I was doing 4 years ago. . . just wait till you see what I’m doing in 4 years from now. . . I have plans. . . many plans. . .

CZB: Has any kind of institution contacted you to hold classes and teach beatboxing techniques to others? Would you find doing this fun or boring?

B): I don’t do classes. I used to do things like that but I can’t find the time now with so much touring and working on music. . . but one day I will again I’m sure, master classes and stuff

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  • Beardyman (с англ. — «Бородач») получил своё прозвище случайно — для флаеров, которые рекламировали одно из его ранних выступлений, нужно было быстро придумать какое-то имя, а в то время Формен носил бороду. Beardyman совершенствовался в битбоксе, выступая соло, но был вдохновлён MC Xander, который использовал такие электронные устройства, как Korg Kaoss Pad 3, чтобы делать семплы и повторы своим голосом — так называемый live looping. Благодаря использованию подобных электронных устройств он проводит полные DJ-сеты



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